Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Divine Body Care Science: The Manna King

When mankind was created, there were only three diseases.

               - Hunger, Thirst, and Old Age –

         All living creatures were inevitably subject to them. Mankind was taught about his celestial heritage, body chemistry, care & restorations; healthy living & the planetary laws that governed each & every human being. However, man became wicked, selfish; started living his own way & eating excessive animal flesh & thereby becoming “imbalanced,” creating & causing 98 new diseases for mankind. This started by eating the flesh of the cow.

Healing Buddha teaches that the body is assembled by the unifying of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Adding Consciousness we have six elements making the living body. With friendly proportions of the five elements, will invite the super consciousness in, for a total of 7 elements/energies to guide the body. The five elements create good bacteria or cells to sustain the body using divine energy every moment of the day.

 The SunMoon and...the 5 Elements  

  Divine Body Care System - Five components form All Matter:   

  Ether         Air            Fire           Water          Earth       

They are called Pancha Maha Bhoothas, Literally. “Pancha” means five, “Maha” means great and “Bootha” tanslates to essential element or energies or workers. When these five great workers are in harmony in the human body, there is renewing, rejuvenating, immunizing, and good health in the human system. When a Person becomes uncomfortable for any reason, his or her five elements become imbalanced, is called “Dosa,” which means venom, poison, or bacteria. When the three dominant elements in the human body, (air, fire and water) are in friendly proportion, they are called the “Three Dhathu” (Nectar –the sustainer of life) that help maintain the optimum Life Force existence. They are also designated as the  Creator, Sustainer and Preserver of life. The Trinity of life. But when they’re out of proportion, they are called the “Three Dosa”  that cause of ill-health & death.

         The Prostate gland, as well as the Woman’s womb has 900 nerves distributed head to foot supplying the energy needed to maintain all 32 glands of the body & discharging the energy needed from the glands for healthy living. But if the prostate or womb tissues around the nerves have blockage this will put pressure, causing temperature, infect & inflammation in all 900 nerves, with the result originating from a few of the 4,448 symptoms of prostate or womb diseases, based on one of the original 18 causes.

        The way to good health is to balance the (Nectar) Water, Fire, Air & tranquilize the Dosa (poison) – into – Dhathu (Nector - Sustainer of life) - Relief of any symptom or disease.

                         Science for Healthy Living

                    A-You Bowan  “May You Live Long”

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